Tip For Keeping The Epoxy-Coated Floors In Your Auto Garage Shining Like New


After your floor was coated with epoxy, you more than likely admired its gleaming appearance. When flooring is coated in a workplace like a garage, properly cleaning and maintaining your floor is the only way to keep it looking new. While flooring in a place like a garage may seem impossible to keep clean, you should know that most epoxy floor coatings are easily cared for and will remain looking new with proper attention.

4 October 2016

How To Remove Tile Floors


Tile is a very popular material in bathrooms for a number of reasons: it is relatively easy to clean, it is waterproof and it has a classy look. However, if your tile becomes too aged or out of date and you want to replace it with a new style, removing the original tile is quite difficult. This article explains the best tools and tips for safely and quickly removing tile. Jackhammer

26 May 2016

4 Tips For Combining Hardwoods Of Different Colors For Patterns And Designs In Flooring


If you want to have new custom wood floors installed in your home, you may want to combine colors of materials for patterns and decoration. Some of this can be done with stains, but for more colors and textures, you may want to use a variety of different woods. Using different woods will give you a pallet of colors and textures to choose from for unique hardwood floors. Here are some tips to help you with choosing the best materials for hardwood floors with different colors for design:

13 April 2016

Floor Vs. Carpet: What To Do With Those Newly Discovered Old Floors


If you're in the midst of a house remodeling project and have found old wood floors underneath the carpet you've just pulled up, you might be considering trying to save the floors instead of replacing the carpet. That is a viable option; it's not unusual for the floors to be in pretty good shape despite carpet nails, stains, and the occasional broken board. But whether you can refinish the floor or will have to replace it -- or if you should just place new carpet over the whole thing -- depends on a few factors.

16 January 2016

Three Wood Alternatives For New Hardwood Flooring In Your Home


Hardwood flooring can be a great addition to your home, it can also be a costly material to have installed. There are many choices of materials, and not all of them have to be real wood. You can choose from bamboo, vinyl, synthetics and engineered lumber for your wood floors. Here are some of the alternatives to conventional hardwood that you may want to use for your new floors: 1. Bamboo And Natural Hardwood Alternatives

19 October 2015

Are You Considering Hardwood Flooring? Discover the Pros & Cons


Are you tired of allergens getting trapped in the carpet in your house? It may be a good idea to consider removing the carpet and getting hardwood flooring installed, as the investment comes along with many benefits. Find out in this article about a few of the pros and cons for hardwood flooring as well as what the installation is estimated to cost. What Kind of Pros & Cons Should Be Considered for Hardwood Flooring?

25 August 2015

Remodeling Your Basement? 5 Reasons To Use Carpeting


When it comes time to remodel your basement, you will have to make a decision about what kind of flooring to have installed.  Some common options you will have to pick between are hardwood flooring, tile, and carpeting. Thankfully, carpeting can work great in your basement for the following reasons. Carpet Will Improve Your Basement's Acoustics A problem with having a finished basement is that it tends to have poor acoustics, or echo when making noise.

22 June 2015